Top Three Best Popcorn Poppers To Get It Poppin In 2014

If you’re here, then you’re one of millions of popcorn lovers. We understand that it can be difficult to know what popper is right for you. Since we’re all different, we all have different requirements and preferences, and the last thing you want to do is buy a popper that doesn’t perform the way you need it to.

We’ve hand-picked these three different models, and we found that THIS is the best popcorn maker ever made. we used a number of different criteria to make our selection. We made sure to check each model for consistency, safety, durability and uniqueness. After all, who wants a boring popper! The main purpose of this list is to help YOU – our readers! Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Pick #1

Our top pick was the Great Northern Popcorn Machine. Although the price is quite high for this product, we believe that it’s worth every penny. We’ve found that the more money you spend the quality of the product seems to increase exponentially, and this same logic applies to purchasing cheaper product, but that doesn’t mean we don’t endorse cheap Great Northern Popcorn Machineproducts!

This model really has EVERYTHING. It has all of the basic features that you need, but we believe it goes above and beyond and offers an entertaining experience. This is like the type of machine that you would find in a local movie theater, but in our opinion, it’s actually better looking.

It can make about three gallons per batch and has a reject kernel tray, which is extremely useful. However, it does use a substantial amount of electricity. This machine is SO neat that simply writing about it is a lot of fun. Let’s dive into the pros and cons.


We think the greatest benefit is the fact that it’s EXTREMELY fun to use. This is one of those appliances that stir up plenty of conversation with friends, family and guests. It’s really a lot of fun to use. Another advantage is that it will make your entire home smell like fresh butter, which is amazing!

As mentioned earlier, it makes an enormous, three gallons per batch. Your typical air popper cannot make anywhere near that amount. It has a powerful heat lamp that has no trouble keeping the finished product warm. Even the leftovers can be reheated and taste amazing.

When compared with some of the other models, this product is surprisingly easy to clean. It has a tray at the bottom of the machine, so it’s easy to take care of un-popped kernels. Also, the tray stays amazingly cool, so you don’t have to worry about getting burned.


The only real downside is the price. However, you should be able to get a decent discount on it. Some people don’t like that the measuring spoons that are included are somewhat flimsy and aren’t labeled. Another minor issue is the lack of instructions for how much oil and kernels should be used per batch, but this information is easy to find. Overall, this is the #1 pick on the list for several reasons. Most other consumers agree that this is a solid product, and you can get it for a great price right here.


PICK #2Waring Pro WPM25 Professional Popcorn Maker

Our second pick is the Waring Pro WPM25. The price on this model isn’t too bad, and while it’s still more expensive than many of the cheap, basic models, it’s about a third of the cost of our #1 pick.

This is a kettle-style device, and it can make a whopping 8 cups of goodness per batch. It basically looks like an old-fashioned machine, but it has a compact, modern feel to it. There is a very useful stirring mechanism built into it, and it has a pivoting kettle. The kettle is magnetized and detachable, and it’s very easy to clean. Let’s look at the pros and cons.


There are several reasons why this machine made #2 on the list. For starters, the plastic door casing is strong. The door also stays shut easily because it’s magnetized.

This particular model actually cooks very quickly, so although it doesn’t make a huge amount in a single batch, you can keep adding more and quickly fill the entire tray.

At only two minutes, the warm up time for this machine is amazing. It’s true that the casing is made of plastic. However, it’s feels like it’s worth the money, and it’s incredibly stable. Cleanup is also very easy.


Surprise – there aren’t many issues with this product. Unfortunately, the typical all-in-one packs are made for larger models, which means you could end up having to make a few more batches to satisfy a large family.

Overall, this is an excellent selection, and based on reviews, customer feedback, features and several other criteria, we chose this as our #2 pick. You can probably get the best price on it by going here.


Coming in at #3 is the West Bend 82306X Stir Crazy 6-Quart Popcorn Popper. This is the cheapest of the three, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. This model is almost West Bend 82306Xhalf the price of the #2 pick but has much to offer.

It has a motorized stirring rod built into it, which ensures all of the kernels pop. It can make six quarts over the span of about five minutes. It also has a built-in butter well, and who doesn’t want that?

The surface has a non-stick coating, and the handles and base are heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about getting burned. The plastic cover also doubles as a serving bowl – how cool is that? Take that useless large ceramic bowl! Here are the pros and cons:


If you want a product that is a step above your basic poppers, then this is a great product. If you just want to get away from microwave use because of current health concerns, this popper can do it for you. Since this is a fairly basic machine, there isn’t too much to say about it.

You should know that it certainly does what it’s supposed to do –which is make delicious fluffy treats. Part of the joy of making this stuff is creating your own special recipe, which allows you to make your own flavor, and this machine allows you to do it.

The design is simple; it does its job and doesn’t have any serious issues. One of the major reasons why this model made the list while others didn’t is because it’s extremely durable. Some customers have gone through three or four of these machines and not because the machines stopped working.

Some people lost their machine during a move or for some other odd reason. We really love the simplicity of this model – make your favorite flavor; eat it; clean the popper. The cleanup only takes a minute or two.


There is only one minor with this model, and it involves the butter well. Some customers say it’s easier to melt butter in the microwave or in a pan. The butter well inside of the machine doesn’t exactly win any design awards so keep that in mind.

However, overall, this is a great produce, and it’s a step up from your basic, cheap poppers. It also has some additional features and seems to make the ‘perfect’ amount of your favorite treat in a single batch. Get a great price on it right here.